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The only thing worse than finding out that your spouse is a cheater is not knowing. Not knowing if your partner is faithful can eat away at you and cause pain that can last months or even years. Betrayal is the worst form of disrespect and can leave wounds that won’t heal for a long time, if ever. Before we dive into sneaky ways that you can catch your partner red handed, lets first discuss why people cheat. I have often thought to myself, Why is it that animals are able to stay faithful to each other for a lifetime, while many humans can not seem to handle this task for more than a matter of months? The fact is that humans are the only creatures that realize they have a choice to how many partners they chose to have at a single moment in time. In addition, in recent studies, scientists have found that males with higher than average testosterone levels may be at greater risk of being involved in extramarital affairs than males with low testosterone levels. However, unlike animals, we have the ability to make decisions. We are able to override these hormones at any given time. Still, many chose not to. Testosterone or no testosterone, I still think cheating ultimately has to do with unhappiness. And, due to our ability to make decisions, those who chose to cheat go to great lengths to hide their affair. This is because they know what they are doing is wrong. This is why people who are cheaters are often hard to catch. So on that note, here are some potential signs that your partner may be cheating:

1. Change in Usual Work Pattern: Extended hours or possibly even over night shifts. This is the most popular excuse used by a cheating partner.

2. Phone Turned Off/Not Returning Calls: If you try to contact your partner during times that you are suspicious of them being unfaithful and they do not answer the phone or answer it but quickly find a reason to hang up with you, there’s a good chance that they are not being faithful.

3. Change in General Attitude: If your husband/wife suddenly makes it apparent that they are bored around you, or maybe seem overly excited on particular days, this could be a sign that they are having a relationship with somebody else. Sometimes a cheating mate may even become very angry or not want to handle simple arguments.

4. Lack of Money: Generally speaking, a deceptive partner will be spending time, as well as money, on their new date. The amount spent may greatly affect their usual income, depending on how much they are looking to impress their new partner.

5. Change in Attire: The sudden urge to dress attractively or get a new hairstyle, shave often, etc may be due to the fact that your partner is looking to appear more attractive to another individual.

6. Change in Relationship: If your partner suddenly stops confiding in you or seeking your advice this may be due to them finding it elsewhere.

7. New Hobbies: A cheating spouse may take interest in new things that don’t add up - such as new music, a new sport, etc.

8. Secretive Conversations: Does your partner run out of the room when he/she answers the phone to handle business? Or do they speak in a very low tone?

9. Deleted E-mails / Odd Computer Habits: If your husband/wife is startled by your presence when they are online or if they are constantly cleaning out their mailbox, there could be a reason for it. It is not normal behavior for a spouse to quickly exit off of a screen when someone enters the room unless they are planning a surprise vacation or doing something they know is wrong.

With that being said, here are some ways to catch a cheating partner :

1. Show up at your Spouses Work - Pick one of those days when they are working late and surprise them with a hot meal or desert. Make sure you have a reason for going up to their job so you don’t look too suspicious.

2. Check Mileage on their Car - This is a surefire way to see if your partner has been where they claim to have been. However, take into account if they needed to go to the bank or any other locations. A few extra miles here or there do not constitute as being disloyal.

3. Record Keep - Record dates and times of suspicious phone calls. If your mate is cheating you should be able to draw a conclusion that relates these times to other incidents. For example, if someone calls and hangs up on Wednesday evenings, followed by your partner getting called into work, this could be a tip for you to log.

4. Keep Quiet - Don’t open your mouth until you have the evidence you need for conviction. Telling your partner you think they may be seeing someone else will only complicate the patter because you have opened their eyes to the fact that they are not as sneaky as they would like to be.

5. Check Receipts - If you are able, check receipts found in pockets, the car, drawers, etc. If your partner is going out they are bound to eventually slip up and leave valuable evidence somewhere. Bank records of money withdrawals or credit card bills are also good ones. If looking at a credit card bill, pay close attention to detail, like where they are purchasing gasoline. Is it near your home? Or is it in a city that doesn’t fit into their usual travels?

6. Spy - If you are able to do your own surveillance or have a friend help you, do it. Watch what your partner is doing when they say they are working, etc.

7. Computer Research - Read e-mails, check cookies, etc. See what your partner is doing when they are online. Over half of cheating partners use the internet as a form of communication because it is easy and confidential. If you check your partners cookies you will be able to see what sites they are visiting. This can be very valuable, for example, if your partner’s e-mail address is mike@hotmail.com and the cookies say that they are constantly logging into a Yahoo account.

Have you tried all of the previous mentioned steps and still feel as if you are being betrayed? If so then you may have to go to extremes: Lie Detector Test, GPS Tracking or hire a Private Investigator. But before making the decision to do any of these things, take into consideration that they are very costly. You need to weigh your relationship and determine if it is worth the money. Remember that if you are at the point where you are 100% convinced your spouse is a cheater, you do not need to waste the money, you all ready know the answer. If you know they are a cheater, having a Private Investigator follow them around for weeks is not going to make a difference. Only you know your thoughts. Before making any decision you need to be prepared to accept the results. Will having your mate pass a lie detector test really make a difference? What if they pass with flying colors? Will you suddenly trust them? What if the work hours keep getting later and later and things still don’t add up? What then? Be honest with yourself and your feelings up front.

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