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Unusual Interview Questions Tips

Unusual Interview Questions Tips
Purpose of such questions is ofcourse to check the present mindedness and mental capabilities of a candidate, not for fun. Really! May be they are trying to test how much you know about employer or what is your general information level. The interview gets good impression of candidate if he is quick responsive and comfortable to reply such questions that fulfills the purpose of this strategy.

Here you can see some unusual questions that can be expected from an interviewer who is fond of making the interviewees shocked with their eye brow raised:
  1. If you could have super power, what it could be?
  2. If you get 100 million dollar, where you will spend it?
  3. What you would like to title yourself?
  4. How many gas stations are there in US?
  5. How many stairs you stepped up and down from your way of home to office?
  6. If you have only 2 months left to live, what you would long to do?
  7. Who is your favorite celebrity ad why?
  8. If you summarize your life in a short story, what would be its title?
  9. What you would like to take with you if you are asked to go alone to a desert?
  10. If you get an invisibility power, what you would act first?
  11. Do you think you have committed the biggest mistake of your life with being here?
  12. What do you know about our company and its role?
  13. Explain what is dijkstra algorithm?
  14. What would be the major improvements and developments you would make if you join our company?
  15. Do I rate like an interviewer?
  16. Are you feeling nervous?
  17. You just come to know that the person next to you is about to shot you, how you will react?
  18. How you will convince a customer for a product which he does not need at all?
  19. If you are stuck in the middle of a wide desert and you don’t know the way to escape, what would be your first strategy to come out?
  20. Suppose you have forgot something very important and you don’t know exactly what is it, what can make you remind it?

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