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6 Categories of Scent that Express Different Personalities and Moods

6 Categories of Scent that Express Different Personalities and Moods
Choosing a bottle of perfume is an art. Some perfumes are more suited to certain personalities than others. For example, you wouldn't buy the same fragrance for your mother as you would for a sporty energetic girlfriend. As guidance, there are six different categories of scent that express different personalities and moods.

This is the largest and most popular category and is made mainly from flowers, including rose, carnation, orange blossom, gardenia and jasmine. These are often blended together to produce a distinctive floral bouquet. 

Fragrances in this group come from citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, tangerine and mandarin. These fragrances project a sharp, tangy aura, which are naturally refreshing and uplifting. 

The fragrance is dominated by pine aromas with hints of bergamot, oak moss, citrus and patchouli providing an earthy suite of aromas. 

Green fragrances are fresh and lively aromas, with a hint of sharpness from young grassy scents blended with leaves and herbs. They reflect sporty personalities and are most suited to daytime wear. 

Oriental fragrances are a heady mix of spices, amber, balsams and resins suggesting warmth and exotic sensuality, and are popular for evening wear. 

Pronounced "fooz-hare," fougre is the French word for fern. This sixth category is a combination of fresh herbs and mossy ferns (blended in to produce a sophisticated urban style, with earthy overtures. 

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