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Aromatherapy At Your Fingertips

Aromatherapy At Your Fingertips.
Another way to enjoy fragrances besides using them as perfumes is turning them into essential oils and applying them in aromatherapy. This therapy is one of the holistic treatments using pleasant smells such as rose; lemon, and lavender. Aromatherapy, which has been around for about 5,000 years; can be used for healing, relaxing, boosting one's spirits, and others.

How Did It Start?
Imhotep, the Egyptian physician and god of medicine and healing, recommended the ancient Egyptians to use aromatherapy for bathing, massage, and embalming their dead. Hippocrates, a physician from Greece who is also known as the father of medicine, recommended aromatherapy baths and scented massage. Ancient Chinese people also used some form? Of aromatics. A book on herbs by Shen Nung dating back to 2700 BC contains details on over 300 plants and their uses. Indian people have also been using aromatherapy for many centuries. Ayurveda, their traditional medical system, advocates the use of dried and fresh herbs, as well as aromatic massage as important aspects of medical: treatment.

The word aromatherapy itself was first used in 1920 by a French chemist Rene Maurice ''Gattefosse, who conducted a research on essential oils. One day, where, he accidentally burned his arm, he thrust it, into a vat of lavender oil that happened to be the nearest cold liquid he could reach. Surprisingly his arm healed quickly.

How to use it?
Sometimes we don't realize that we are actually applying aromatherapy in our daily lives. For instance, when we burn scented candles or walk in a garden full of the fragrance of flowers we are, practicing aromatherapy.
But if we want to practice more aromatherapy, just use essential oils for massage, bath, or inhale or use the oil, incense, aromatic candles, pot pourri, or even fresh materials to diffuse an entire room. Here are some ideas of what aromas you can use for what treatment.

If you have a sleep disorder, lavender is the best fragrance to use since it can really help to relax. Just let the scent of lavender roam your entire room to help you relax and you'll sleep like a baby.

After a day on the beach, you realize that you've got sunburn. Don't panic! Drop some chamomile or lavender essential oil to a carrier or base oil (you can use olive oil for this) and gently massage the sunburnt area. If you don't like massage, you can add 10 drops of the same essential oil to your bath and soak for about fifteen minutes. Your skin will soon recover.

Vanilla and lavender are good for reducing stress. If you don't have essential oils but need something to help you relax, use a mixture of lemon and clove smells. Just stick some cloves into a lemon and hang it in your room, It's simple and can simply help!

Poor Memory
So you think you're being absent-minded lately? Always forget where you put things and can't easily remember even the simplest things? Watch out! An insufficient supply of nutrients to our brains and exposure to free radicals can result in this problem. But with proper diet, our memory should remain active into our eighties or nineties. You can also use rosemary oil to solve this problem. Just inhale the aroma, add 10 drops to your bath and soak your body in it, or add some drops to a carrier oil and use it for massage.

Insect Bites
Insect bites, even if they're harm¬less, can be very annoying since they're usually itchy and swollen, just apply lavender or tea-tree oil on the skin or put some drops of it to a cold compress to ease the swelling. If you happen to get loads of bites on your skin, add 10 drops of the essential oil to your bath and soak for 15 minutes.

Upset Stomach
To solve this problem, brew some peppermint tea and have a sip. That will help you ease the problem.

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