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Bad Past Life

Bad Past Life
Everybody has a past life story good or bad. Some have had experience with drug abuse, alcohol abuse or sexual harassment. The realize that it was depressing and miserable. However they don’t know how to evercome those problems. Then, they runaway from the troubles. Finally everything become a mess.

Here are some confessions by a celebrity:
The vocalist of Linkin Park Chester Bennington once confessed to the to media the great anger in his voice comes from the fact that when he was a child he was abused for about five years. He once said “it wasn’t my family but the people around me who abused me. And coming from a broken home, I thought it was normal.” Moreover in his teens Chester was involved in drug abuse and heavy drinking. Luckily, he has now overcome those problems.

Johny Depp, an actor, has seven or eight scars on his left arm. He has cut himself with a knife on different occasions to commemorate various moments in his life. During this teens he had problems with drinking, smoking and drugs. He continued to have problems with drugs and drinking into his twenties, but now he feels happier with his life.
Angelina jolie (an actress) experienced sex harassment during her early teens but stopped around the age of sixteen. “I was trying to feel something crazy, I was looking at different things. Thinking romantically about…. about blood. I really hurt my self,” but now she is becoming an outstanding star in Hollywood.

Lady Di (in memoriam) revealed to the world that she was a self-injured (Diana: her true story book). She revealed that she had cut her arms and legs. She had thrown herself into glass cabinets at Kensington palace at various times. She also slashed her wrists with a razor, and cut herself with the serrated edge of a lemon slicer. Once during a heated argument with Prince Charles, she picked up a penknife and cut her chest and thighs. Charles reacted as many do and scorned her and accused her of faking her problems. He believed that it was melodramatic attention seeking. During a fight on an airplane, Diana locked herself in the bathroom, cut her arms, and smeared the blood over the cabin walls and seats. Another time she threw herself down the stairs.

It was not only Chester, Johnny Deep, Angelina Jolie and Lady Di who has bad past story in their life time. There are other people around us who have the same problems. It could be our closed friends, our brothers, our sisters or perhaps, you yourself who become one of the victims of drugs abuse, sex abuse, alcohol abuse or other abuses. Never give up overcoming those problems because "if there is a will there is a way”.

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