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Butterflies Before a Test?

Butterflies Before a Test?
Tests are part and parcel of life. It may be I just some lousy class quiz, or maybe it's the BIG test that will determine your future. Are you the kind of person that breaks into a cold sweat before a test? OK, you've been studying for the test like for ages. But why is your heart still beating ten times faster? Find out how to beat those butterflies!

1. Be fully prepared
List down what you need: pencil, pen, eraser, etc. Check out everything carefully so you won't forget those small but important items. You don't want to freak out just because you have forgotten to bring a pencil, do you? Double-check the list just to make sure.

2. Get enough rest
Don't wear yourself out hitting the books the night before the test. Read only to freshen your memory! Better get a good night's sleep and rest your brain and body. You'll need the energy to stay focused tomorrow.

3. Don’t be late!
If you'll be taking a test in a new place, be sure that you know exactly how to get there. Go there once before D-day to make sure which bus to take and how long it takes to get there. Allocate extra time for traffic jams or anything else. And you'd better not be late! Being late will give you more trouble than you think.

4. Pray
For many people, praying helps a lot. Do your best and God will take care of the rest. Besides, if this a big test, you'll need everyone on your side, right?

5. Take a deep breath
You've taken your seat and gotten the papers. You're ready to start. Wait a minute! Take a deep breath to cool you off a little more. Research has proven that taking a deep breath will bring more oxygen to the brain. You won't be sleepy and your mind will stay clear. Now you're ready!

A small reminder: Don't be too worried if you're still a bit tense. A little dose of tension is not that bad. It will keep you alert and will enable you to anticipate unpredictable things. So, ready? Bring on the test!

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