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What is stress?
Some psychologists define stress as follows, stress is an internal state which can be caused by physical demands on the body (disease condition, exercise, extremes of temperature and the like) or by environmental and social situations which are evaluated as potentially harmful, uncontrollable, or exceeding our resources for coping (Morgan, King, Weisz, Schopler, Introduction to Psychology 1986). 
As the experts state, stress can be caused by physical and social situations.

What can we do to cope with stress?
Everyone has their own way to cope with stressful situations. There are various ways to solve this problem. Following are come steps you can use to deal with stressful situations.
1. Play sports! Never have the night time, or the right reason to do your favorite one? Do it now! An expert says that physical activity (for about 30 minutes) causes your brain to create a hormone which will influence you mood positively.
2. Laugh, guys! Yes, there us a saying that says “Laughing can make your day. If you are stressed, try some jokes, watch a comedy movie, or try to remember a situation that made you laugh.
3. There are times when we need somebody to “let it all out”. Contact a friend whom you can talk with, just to let it out. Sharing your problems with somebody is halfway to solving them.
4. Experience something “new”. Do you always eat the same food for lunch? Choose another kind of food. Do you always hang out at the same place? Try another place, with another activity.
5. Take some time to do your hobby, do you love to play electronic. Do you love to play electronic games? In line skating? Play guitar? Just do it.
6. Find the root of the problem, and try to solve it. Take some time to contemplate, rethink about what happened. Do some introspection, and try to find the solution. Then, discuss it with somebody you’re comfortable with, e.g. friends, brothers or sisters, parents, to find apply the best possible solutions.
7. If you still feel distressed after trying the steps above consult a professional. Who? A counselor or psychologist. You can find counselors at schools (the guidance and counselor teacher).

Ok now. Ready for the next school day? You should be. Don’t let your problems linger. Do something about it, and do it right now!
Nothing last forever-not even your troublesArnold Glasow

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