Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

Homey Holiday

Homey Holiday
Spending your holiday at home? Why not? There are a lot of things you can create and a bunch of ideas you should unleash. Still clueless? Try one of these tips:

It's time to enjoy those books that you've been dying to read during school or office time. There's always loads of stuff to learn from those pages. Just get
ready for new eye-openers!

If you feel like sharing a piece of story about your experience with other people, going for your own blog is a good idea. And just like your lovely diary, your blog can be just as awesome, depending on your preference.

Ice-cream Lover
What's better than a cup of yummy, creamy ice¬-cream to treat your pals on a hot day? Besides, it's very easy to make.
You'll need a mixer, some ready-to-make ice¬ cream powder, and milk. Just mix all the ingredients using the mixer and put the mixture in the fridge. And...voila! Your ice-cream is ready. For variation, serve it with a slice of bread, a pancake, or a split banana.

Busy Beader
You may be stuck at home during vacation, but when school or work time rolls around again, you can be the most sparkling person wearing this super cool bling. Things you need to make this colorful bracelet:
  • Pliers
  • A length of spiral wire
  • Beads
  • For “tail” (if you want):
  • Pins (the nail shaped ones
  • Beads
String the beads onto the spiral wire. Adjust the length according to your preference. If you want to have "tails" at each end of the wire, string some beads onto the pin and tie the pin using pliers to the end of the wire.

Movie Maniac
Get ready with a pile of your fave DVDs. Of course you'll need a comfortable couch, a set of TV and DVD player, and don't forget: tons of chips or popcorn to make movie time more fun. If you like, you can also invite some of your buds to join the party.

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