Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

How Do The Fish Breathe?

How Do The Fish Breathe?
In school, we are taught that some fish breathe through their gills. Even some fish such as whale breathe with lung same as us, the human, but most of them are known to breathe through gills. So, do you know how they breathe in the water with their gills?

First, the takes the water into the mouth. Then, the water flows over the gills. And finally, the water moves out through the opening behind the covers of the gills.

As the water moves over the gills, they take oxygen from the water to help clean the blood running in the body of the fish.
Now then we know that fish also needs oxygen. But they are only able to take oxygen from the water, not from the air. Though sometimes we can see they jump out of water to breathe. This happens because the water is too contaminated. How pity they are if it is happened!

People, let’s now try to keep the water clean. Thus, the fish can breathe freely.

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