Rabu, 07 Desember 2011


Look around your campus. Make a mental note of the people you see and the roles they play there. Your list might likely include lecturers (the people who help you learn); friends (people you hang out with, discussion partners); and seniors (those you can count on when it comes to adapting to your new surroundings). Is that all?

Wait a second. There are so many more! Look further, past the initial impressions. Have you ever thought of Mr. Ivan, the janitor, or Mrs. Diana, the administration clerk? What if Mrs. Lily made a mistake resulting in a mix-up in student’s grades? Ever think what will happen to your grades? That was just Mrs. Lily. How about the photocopy guys?

They really help your learning process by making copies of materials, right? But do you know them?
Although often overlooked, these people play a crucial role in campus life. So, why not make their job a little easier by doing these simple acts?
  • Smile. When you meet them, always smile. As the saying goes, a smile really brightens people's day. And...... as a bonus, your day will be better too!
  • Greet them by name. Now, do you know everyone's name? If you don't, try to chat with them. Greeting someone by name means you appreciate him/her.
  • Say the magic words. When you ask for a help, always say "Please." And never forget the “thank you” afterwards.
These effortless acts from your side can make a big difference for the people who are truly irreplaceable.

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