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Japanese Cultural Anime and West High-Tech Cartoon

Japanese Cultural Anime and West High-Tech Cartoon
Which do you prefer, Japanese comic character or west cartoon? If you notice there are basic differences between Japanese anime and manga with comic from West. Let's see what the differences.

Japan Anime and Manga 
In Japan, they have manga and anime. Anime could mean any animated film, and "manga" is any printed cartoon. Or, we can say that anime is the animated version of popular manga. At least that's what some people believe where some others disagree with this definition.

Japanese comic is famous with its unique style of the figure performance, if you notice, the stereotype of the characters mostly appear with huge hair and large eyes. In anime and manga, the figures also wear things other than skin-tight costumes just like in the U.S. heroic character. In addition, anime and manga clothes are usually unique and fashionable. Another different thing between Japanese and US comic is Japanese (Anime and Manga) is made for people with various age. Japanese manga-ka (manga writers) write for everyone from innocent young children to teenagers, even adult and mothers, unlike the U.S., which generally seems to believe that "comics are for kids," You may ever hear that almost Japanese people do read comics, not only kids.

Japanese anime is not less amazing than U.S.'s special effect. If you watch final fantasy movie, you will sea the main figure as a real woman. This time, they make collaboration with Hollywood in using high tech to make the picture look real, even the sketches are made by Japanese animators. One thing make anime different from U.S. is the story. How modern the anime story is, it mostly brings Japanese culture. We can enjoy the cultural sense of Samurai-X with its kimono and Japanese house while seeing the movie. So as happen in Ragnarok that take place in modern setting but still brings the samurai as main figure. Then, dragon ball that brings imaginative story about god.

West Cartoon
Not different from Japan, U.S. also has two mainstreams of cartoon figure. First is the superhero comics from D.C. comics or marvel comics and the second is Walt Disney comics.
D.C's figures are all about superhero such as Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, The flash, etc. While Wait Disney's figures are usually softer such as Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Pinokio, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many more.

Actually, it was the old and legendary characters of West cartoon. Nowadays, U.S has been producing lot of new characters from various animation studios. High technology is used to make 3D animation. The result is amazing. We can see the detail and sharp picture in the newest animation movies such as A bug's Life, Antz, Monster Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Shrek, Shark Tale, etc. The studios are not only presenting stories but also high performing pictures which somehow mere exciting than the stories.

So, comic lovers. Now at least, you know some differences of comic characters between two big comic-producer-countries: Japan and America. The more active those countries produce their animation/comics, the more choices we have. It's now your choice whether you are crazy about Japanese anime and manga or get amazed with American modern animation.

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