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Making a New Nest

Making a New Nest
Going to college often means you have to leave the comforts of your home, either for reasons of independence or the fact that your home is just too far away from campus. So you will need to rent a room.

Here is a little guidance on what to consider before you rent a room:
1. Transportation : Distance is the reason why you choose to rent a room in the first place. So try to find a place that is closest to your campus. If possible, find one that is within walking distance. Besides, this way you can wake up a little late after staying up all night studying, right?

2. Atmosphere : The non-physical environment is also important. Roommates can have a positive or negative influence on you. Does the situation support your determination to study hard but also to have fun sometimes?

3. Cleanliness : Have a look at the whole environment and check for cleanliness. You should be comfortable in the room. It's better to have a window to make sure you will get enough fresh air. Always remember that regular clean ups will benefit your room.

4. Cost : Rent is also one of the biggest factors. Find a room that suits your financial situation. You could save a lot of money by renting a non-air conditioned room.

5. Facilities : Always ask for available facilities before you make a decision. Some boarding houses will provide laundry service, while others might even have an individual phone line for every room. You can also choose to share a bathroom or use a private one. Balance all pluses and minuses to get the most facilities at the best price.

Have fun with the search! Your new dig may not feel like a real home, but you sure will meet a lot of interesting friends and experience along the way.

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