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More Ways to Save the Earth

More Ways to Save the Earth
Taking real action to save the Earth is a never-ending issue and it is our responsibility to keep up the good work. We have to stay committed to our planet, to save it from the worsening effects of global warming.

These are the things you can also do to save Mother Earth:

• Stop using waribashi (disposable chopsticks made of wood) and buy some washable chopsticks (usually made of plastic), so that you can bring them anywhere you want to eat and use them over and over again.
• Plant more trees. But if this is not possible, you can adopt some. Now there are many organizations offering this kind of program. Two of them are WWF Indonesia and The Nature Conservancy. You can check them out for details at www.wwf.or.id/newtrees and www.plantabillion.org
• Bring your own drink bottle and meal box whereever you go. It can minimize the amount of plastic waste and also minimize your expenses, so that you can save more money. More to save for you, more to save the Earth as well.
• Buy electronic reload vouchers instead of printed ones. It saves more paper and is cheaper, too. It can be both eco-friendly and economical.
• Stop consuming imported food products. The process of bringing them here results in higher pollution created by the transportation systems used. Besides, they also contain a large number of preservatives to keep them fresh during the trip.

Let's act now, starting with the simple things, with ourselves, because we only have one Earth to live on.

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