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Roswell UFO

Roswell UFO
The Roswell “Alien” incident occured more than 50 years ago, but it still generates a huge amount of interest. So, what actually happened there?

It all started in New Mexico (USA) in 1947. One day in July of that year, rancher Mac Brazel was out checking his sheep after a night of thunderstorms when he discovered a large mass of debris in a shallow hole several hundred metres long. Brazel drove into Roswell and contacted the sheriff, George Wilcox. Later, Sheriff Wilcox notified authorities at Roswell Army Air Field. Shortly afterwards, the military closed off the area, eventually taking the wreckage to the base in Dayton (Ohio).

What followed was confusing, to say the least. On the morning of 8th July 1947, Colonel William Blanchard (the Commander of the 509th Bomb Group) issued a statement claiming that the wreckage was from a “crashed disk” (a UFO). However, a few hours later, a second press released issued. This time it was from yhe office of General Roger Ramey (the Commander of the Eight Air Force at Fort Worth Army Air Field in Texas, 400 miles from the crash site). It claimed that Colonel Blanchard had made a terrible mistakes and that the wreckage was actually from a weather balloon, not a crashed disk.

So, who was telling the truth? No one’s certain, but a lot of the evidence appears to point to a cover-up. For a start, friends of William Blachard say that he wasn’t the type of person who’d make that kind of mistak. In others words, if Blanchard issued a press release saying there was a crashed disk, Colonel William Blanchard would later go on to become a four-star general and Vice Chief of Staff oh the United states Air Force.
Also, many peole have spoken about the unusual properties of the material recovered from the crash site. Liutenant Colonel Jesse Marcel was the intelligence officer of the 509th Bomb Group at Roswell. He was one of the first two military officers at the site. In a 1979 a videotaped interview, he said of the material,”.... it would not burn... that stuff weighs nothing, it’s so thin, it isn’t any thicker than the tinfoil in a pack of cigarettes. So, I tried to bend the stuff. It wouldn’t bend. We even tried making a dent in it with a sixteen-pound sledge hammer. And there was still no dent in it.“ He later stated that the material was “not of this earth.”

Jesse Marcel’s son, (a practising medical doctor and qualified National Guard helicopter pilot and flight surgeon) was only child at the time, but rememners the incident well. He has been able to procedure detailed drwaings of some of the strange hieroglyphic-like symbols on the surface of parts of the wreckage.
Retired General Arthur E. Exon also examined some of the wreckage. In a 1990 interview, he said, “It was brought into our material evaluation labs. Some of it could be easily ripped or changed... but there were other parts of it that were very thin but awfully strong and couldn,tbe dented with heavy hammers... the overall consensus was that the pieces were from space.”

Some even claim to have see aliens who were taken from the crash site. Glenn Dennis, a young mortician at the time, received a phone call one afternoon from the mortuary oficer at the air field. Glenn was asked questions on how preserve bodies that had benn exposed to the elements for several days. Later that evening, he made a trip to the base hospital. Outside the back entrance he saw two military ambulances with open rear doors, from wich large pieces of wreckage protruded, including one with a roe unusual symbols on its surface. Later, he met a young nurse, who was a friend of his. She described how she’d been called in to assist two doctors who were doing autopsies on several small “non-human bodies.”

Since the incident, many witnesses and local residents have been threatened by the military. According to members of Sheriff Wilcox’s family would be killed if he ever spoke about what he’d seen. Mac Brazel, the rancher who originally discovered the wreckage was sequestered by the military for almost would a week and sworn the secrecy. He never spoke about the incident again, not even to his family. In the months following the incident, his son, Bill Brazel, found and collected a few “scraps” of material, wich he kept in a cigar box. The material was later confiscated by the military.
So, what really happened? Did aliens really land on Earth? Or was it an elaborate hoax? The truth is out there....... somewhere. 

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