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Self Your Self Well

Self Your Self Well
Are you graduating from college? Or are you a new graduate who’s thinking about getting a job immediately? Having a job is a dream for many new graduates who’re still idle. However its not as easy as turning the palm of your hand, there are some steps you have to take to make your dream job come true. One of the deciding steps in the process of job hunting is writing an application letter. Your application letter, in particular, is an important marketing tool which highlights your most attractive qualifications as a potential employee and, if well written, will lead the employer to your resume. Writing an application letter is thus like selling yourself to your would-be employer.

Since the purpose of an application letter is to get the employer to read your resume and invite you for an interview, you have to show that your qualifications fit the employer’s demands for the position. This type of letter is mainly used to respond to job advertisements and vacancy announcements. For this reason, analyzing the job description carefully and picking out key phrases in the ad is a must. Try to match your letter point by point with the requirements by emphasizing key parts of your resume. Check out the following steps to make your application letter well written and attractive.

Do Research
Take time to research each employer's organization and personalize each letter. Giving the impression that you know something about the company shows that you are careful and interested in the employer. This approach is much more effective than sending out hundreds of identical form letters.
Research is also useful to find out the specific person to whom you need to address the letter. Make a phone call to the company or find out information about the structure of each organization in its prospectus or newspapers. Be sure to indicate a specific job title for the person as well.

Expose Your Strengths
Highlight one or two of your most significant accomplish-ments or abilities to show you are an above average candidate. Selecting only one or two special qualities helps your chances of being remembered. Be brief; show the employers that you understand the value of their time. For example: “My varied sales experience and my bachelor's degree in Business Administration are my strongest qualifications for this position.”

Mind Your Style
Use a polite , formal style that strikes a balance between your confidence and your respect for the employer. Be clear, objective, and persuasive rather than simply describing your background. For example: “My marketing, computer research, and customer relations experiences should prove valuable in increasing (name of company's) sales volume.”

Be Positive and Honest
Pay special attention to your tone, content, and expectations Do not add details about yourself, your past experience, or your preparation that may call attention to your weaknesses or raise questions about your confidence or ability to do the job. Instead, express honestly what you can contribute to the company.
Never distort yourself by overstating your experience or skills. Even if you do not have every qualification required by the employer, stick to the facts and tell the truth by emphasizing your strengths.

Use Active Voice
Use active voice and powerful action verbs in your writing to hold the reader's interest and convey a sense of energy. The use of passive voice in your letter indicates that you are not an assertive person. Instead of saying: “Many products has been sold,” for example, you say: “I have sold many products.”

Organize Your Paragraph
Group similar items together in a paragraph: then organize so that they relate to each other logically. Avoid combining unrelated information, which indicates lack of coherence, without a strong topic sentence to tie the information together.

Give Facts and Examples
Saying that you are the right candidate to fill the available position without backing it up with specific facts or examples is unreliable. What the employers really care about is not your lofty statements, but what you can do and contribute to the company. So, always back up general statements with specific facts or examples. Enclosures are the most common documentation to support your remarks.

Avoid Jargon and Cliches
It is nice to hear such phrases as “self-starter,” “proven leadership kills” or “excellent interpersonal skills.” Using these buzzwords without knowing what they really mean, however, can suggest that you're just a parrot a person who repeats, without understanding what others say. Your original thought is above all the most highly appreciated.

Check Spelling and Grammar
Checking the spelling and grammar will ensure that you make minimum mistakes in your letter. If you are not confident of your ability to detect grammatical, punctuation, or English usage errors, you can make use of facilities in some word-processing programs. If you type your letter in Word for Windows, for example, you can check the spelling and grammar by highlighting the words. Then, press F7.

Well guys and gals, constant effort and learning from your failures are the key to success So, never give up and good luck!

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