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Tips to Make Your Prom Extremely Memorable

Tips to Make Your Prom Extremely Memorable
Gloom and fun will be one: the separation from your closest buds and the dancing party all at once. The moment for you to say goodbye to school is about to come. Forget the separation, think about the moment you'll remember the rest of your life: your Prom Night. Check out the following tips to make your prom extremely memorable and “crazy”.

Do I Look Gorgeous?
Guys, it's probably hard to find tuxedo rentals here. That doesn't mean you can't wear other nice clothes. So a nice dark-colored suit will do. As for you, girls, shopping around would be the best way to get your evening gown. Just remember, dresses usually look very different on you than they do on the hanger. So be sure to try them on first. The amount of money you spend will be up to you. If you start looking early, you will probably be able to find a dress on sale or at an outlet store.

Say It With Flowers
“What's the best corsage I could pin onto my date's gown?” You guys can this discuss this with your partner. Ask her what color dress she’s going to wear, so the corsages you choose will match. You can even ask her to go together and choose the flowers. Choose a kind that your partner likes: the pin-on type or the kind she can wear around her wrist. 

Off We Go
No, no, going to the prom in a limo is a not a must. Why don't you try going together with all your friends in one or two cars? It's much cheaper, and you can have fun together along the way to the prom site. Arriving there at the same time, you can sit together at the same table and enjoy each other's company all evening.

Enjoy the Moment
Don't miss out on the fun. This is maybe the last time you see the people with whom you have spent the last three years of high school. So, enjoy it, dance, have a great time! You'll remember it when you look back years later, and it will be a nice memory.

I'm All Right, Mom!
Your parents might be worried about what you're doing during the prom. So, keep them informed. They'll be very happy to hear from you. Call them and tell them what's going on and what you plan to do after the prom.

I Want More!
You'll surely feel lonely if you go home right after the prom, so plan to go to someone's house. Have an after-dance party and breakfast there. You can play games/cards, watch videos, and nibble on snacks. Again, a group of friends will make this a fun option after the dance. Well, have a good time.

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