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UFO Sightings

UFO Sightings
Have you ever seen an UFO? Stories of alien spaceship are often in the newspapers. Here are a few exsample of reported sightings.

In Ocober, 1973, Gabriella Versacci alleged that she was taken on board an alien spaceship when it landed near a small village in Somerset (England). She also claimed that she was strapped to an examination table and inspected by tha aliens.

In 1975, Travis Walton and his friends were working late to clear a forest in Arizona (USA). On their way home, they saw a bright light above the car and Travis got out to investigate. But after he was struck by a blue-green beam from spacecraft, his friends fled in terror. Several days later, Travis reappeared at a petrol station and told the story of his time in the spacecraft. To back up his claims, he took a polygraph test and passed. Later, a film about Travis’ experience (Fire in the Sky) was made in 1993 starring Robert patrick (terminator 2: Judgement Day, The X-Files).

In February 1977, 14 school children claimed to have witnessed the landing of a spacecraft next to the Board Haven Primary School in England. According to the youngsters, a silver creature emerged from the ship.
In November 1979, Bob Taylor, a forestry worker had an alleged encounter with UFO. He later explained how he was dragged along the ground by an “inexplicable force”.

In November 1980, police officer Alan Godfrey claimed to have been abducted by an alien space craft in Todmorden in the nosrth of England. A strange object had been spotted by other local polite officers around the same time.
In December 1980, there were reported sightings of light and objects in the sky, and the alleged landing of an extraterrestrial spacecraft at Redlesham Forest (England).

In August 1983, a 77-year-old gentleman, Alfred Burtoo, was quietly fishing on the Basingstoke Canal when a UFO landed. Seconds later, two beings beckoned him onto their disc-shape vehicle where he was examined. He claims he was “rejected” by the creatures because he was “too old’.

Watch out! You could be next.

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