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What You Should Know about Clothing

What You Should Know about Clothing
Johan is twenty years old. He is not handsome, but many girls admire him. His friends are surprised. They know he is not very good looking. Reading the passage above, it is obvious that looks aren't everything. Many people say that a beautiful or handsome face can make other people interested in us. But, Johan is not handsome. However he is always neatly dressed, his hair is combed, his shirts are well-ironed, and his shoes are polished. By doing so, many women admire him.

Each person has a different style of dressing. A proverb says that fashion reflects personality. It means that a person's personality can be seen from his/her clothing. A person who is neatly dressed reflects that he/she has an attractive personality. On the contrary, an untidy person indicates that he does not care about himself. Everybody wants other people to admire their appearance.
We all know that clothing is very important. Just imagine if you did not dress for the whole day! How would you feel? Yeah...you would be sick, and also embarrassed.
So, the func
tions of clothing are:
1. To protect our body from heat, cold, and bad weather.
2. To protect it from diseases.
3. To be aesthetic, so we can appear more polite.
4. To show our personality.

Dress correctly! You must adapt your dress to time, place, and occasion. Your clothes may not be new, but they should be clean and not torn. Why? Dirty clothes can result in skin problems, like: rashes, itches, etc. Ma¬ny people complain of having skin problems. They do not realize that the clothes they wear are dirty.
Then you must remember, coordinate the designs of your clothes. Do not combine a flowery design with a linear one, for example. This combination results in a busy impression. To create a good combination, wear a flowery shirt with a plain skirt. You will appear attractive.

If you are invited by your friends to attend a funeral, of course, you must go. But, you go to show your sympathy, not to attend a wedding party. Avoid wearing conspicuous clothes like fiery red. Your friends will feel that you do not share in their sorrow. It is impolite to wear it when attending a funeral. 

Remembering the importance of clothing for our lives, we must take care of them. There are many ways to maintain them:
1. Wash your clothes after wearing. Dirty clothes cause an odor. Besides that, they can cause skin problems, as mentioned above.
2. Wash your clothes as clean as possible. Why? The remains of soap can damage your clothes. Do you know what soap are made of? They are made of chemical substances. If you do not wash them out, your clothes will quickly be damaged. So rinse them in clean water after washing.
3. Separate the white clothes from the colored ones. This is very important to do. Do you want your white clothes to change in color? Of course, not. So, be careful in washing.
4. Dry your clothes in the sun. The sunshine will kill germs that are in the clothes. If your clothes are dry iron them. This way can prevent them from wrinkling. Besides, ironing can kill the germs too.
5. Hang them in a clean wardrobe. Separate them: work, party, and every day clothes. This will make easier for you to find the clothes that you want quickly.

Wear loose clothes. Tight clothes will bother your breathing. Then, wear cotton. It absorbers sweat. You will feel cool even though the air surrounding you is hot.
The writer hopes that by knowing about clothing, you will wear the appropriate clothes and also maintain them well.

Have fun.

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