Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

While It is Raining

While It is Raining
Good news : Welcome Weekend! Bad news : wretched rain! Here are things yau can do around the house to kill boredom.

1. Head for the kitchen and try out your cooking skills making your fave dish for the whole family.
2. Listen to some old songs, or watch old movies
3. Rearrange your room's furniture
4. Play your favorite hand-held games
5. Play monopoly or halma with your siblings
6. Make a sling bag out of your old pair of jeans
7. Compose a song using whatever musical instrument you play
8. Clean out and sort out your closet
9. Try out your skills in photography by taking snapshots of all the cute things in the house, including your pet.
10. Plug into the internet and create a blog.

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