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Exercises You Can Do Without Digging into Your Pocket

Exercises You Can Do Without Digging into Your Pocket.
So you have set your heart to become as fit as a fiddle : where to start? You don’t need expensive equipments. Here some exercises you can do without digging into your pocket:

It sounds unbelievable but nowadays people are walking less frequently mostly because they prefer to take motorcycle or car even to go to the nearest stall. Walking actually improves the condition of your heart and lungs and also works the muscles of the lower body. Walking may also improve bone density but is considered a low impacts sport because walking puts less strain on the joints compared to other forms of exercise.
Some people exercise by power walking. It’s kind of walk where you walk so fast almost break into a run. The funny thing is that power walking actually burns more calories compared to running at the same pace.
Other walking exercises you can do are:
• Using the stairs instead of the lift. If you have to go the top level, you can start by taking 2-3 flights of stairs and increasing it every week.
• Taking a walk during lunch hours. Walking for half an hour after a meal can cut the amount of fat you have stored because it’s used for exercising.
• Choosing a different route once a week and taking a longer walk to keep you stimulated.

Running or jogging can be done everywhere and anytime. Running/jogging is a high impact sport, meaning it may increase or maintin bone density.
To start exercising, you should warm up first by walking at a brisk pace while gradually increasing speed until you jog slowly. Run at a pace where you can still do a conversation while running. If you feel like you are losing your breath, try to slow down or walk for a while to breathe.
For a start don’t run too long. Try to run 10 minutes in total , do this every two or three days. Decrease the walking time and increase the running until you can run a full ten minutes. Don’t stop immediately after doing a jog/run, cool down by jogging slowly or walk until you heart beats normally. Next, increase the time of your run until you can manage 30 minutes three times a week. Feeling inspired? Don’t try to increase your running time more than ten per cent each week.

Tips if you getting bored:
• Be realistic; don’t try to become a marathon runner in three months if you’re never run before.
• Make running a habit just like cleaning your teeth.
• Record your progress by marking “X”s on your calendar, write the time each day, how you felt, where you went, etc...
• Changing the place were you run, use the thread mill in the gym, run a different route, around a different house complex, etc...

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