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Google : The Gentle Giant of The Internet

Google : The Gentle Giant of The Internet.
Google Earth. Google Books. Google Maps. Google is one of the most powerful brands in the world. Apart from (the world’s most popular search engine), they’ve got so much to offer. Here are a few of their web-based services:

Google Books was introduced in 2004. This is a massive database of more than 15 million books. You can read the books online or download them for free.

Google Maps was launched in 2005. You can use it to check out restaurants, visit places in the city, or plan your next trip. The Street View option lets you travel along streets as you see everything around you. These images are produced by Google’s 360⁰ cameras.

Google Earth, which was also launched in 2005, has images for the Earth, outer space and the ocean. With Google Earth you can travel around the world, explore the sky, or dive under the ocean.

Google Translate was launched in 2006. This program allows you to translate documents or text simply by copying and pasting it into the program. There are more than 40 languages that you can use.

Gmail is a free webmail service for sending and receiving e-mails. It become open to the public in February 2007.

Google Sky was launched in 2007. With this program you can see images of space and learn about stars and other planets.

Google+ is Google’s very own social network, wich was launched in 2011. Companies and organizations already using the service include Save the Children, Burberry, Barcelona Football Club and the Muppets. One of the features includes the Hangout service, which lets you have video charts with up nine others users.

Google Art Project (lunched in 2011) has interior images form 17 famous museum, including London’s National Gallery, Florence’s Uffizy Gallery and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Just recently, Google launched Business Steet View. This features shots from inside hundreds of restaurants, hotels, shops, gyms and vehicle repair workshops.

Where would we be without Google?

Google is an American internet and computer software company. It was founded by Sergei Brin and Larry Page (the “Google guys”), and has been operating since 1998. Their original objective was to ”organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Later, they added the phrase “Don’t be evil” to promote their anti-corporate philosophy. The name Google comes from a misspelling of “googol” – the number one, followed by one hundred zeros.

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