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How To Give A Great Presentation

How To Give A Great Presentation.
Many people are nervous about talking in front of an audience, usually because they are afraid of making a mess of it. Ironically, it is uncontrolled nerves that are most likely to lead to a poor performance - so building confidence through preparation and practice is really important.

Tape yourself
When you practice your presentation, do it with a tape recorder or with a video recorder. Plat it back to find out wich bits sound weak.

Prepare it early
Don’t wait until the very last minute to work on your presentation. Do it when you still have plenty of time. Remember, the soonery you do it, the better.

Practice your intonation
When you speak, try to speak with passion and enthusiasm. If you speak passionately, it will make up for other shortcomings. Speaking with the same intonation all the time leads to boredom among your audience. You may need to use pauses for effect, too.

Make cue cards and handouts
A set of small-size cue cards will help you to go on with your presentation. Jot down the important points and read them when you get stuck. Distribute handouts, if any to the audience after you finish your presentation. You don’t want them to read whihle you’re talking, do you?

Eating before you present
This sounds less important, but preparing your physical condition is also one thing you should remember. Standing and talking in front of a lot of people consumes a lot of energy. Eating before you present.

Ask help from your best buds
Ask your best friends to smile at you when they see that you’re nervous. Their smile will boost your confidence. If you can’t ask anyone to do it for you, just picture the smiles in your mind.

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