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Public Transportation Etiquette

Public Transportation Etiquette.
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Most of us are accustomed to using public transportation. Traveling by bus, train, plane, taxi, or other means of public transportation means sharing a ride with others to get to our destination. Below are several basic traveling etiquette rules to make the trip more enjoyable for all.

Keep to your space
Keep your belongings (including yourself) in your own space. Do not stuff a suitcase in your seatmate’s area. Sit on your assigned seat. Keep your elbows at a comfortable but not bossy over position on the shared armrest.

Don’t be talky traveler
Even if youa are a chatty person, not everyone else in the mood to be chatted by strangers. General questions might even feel interrogational, so avoid questions that are too personal. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your voice down when you are conversing with your seatmate, or on the phone.

Avoid the smelly situation
If you are traveling in an enclosed area, avoid causing strong smells, like wearing too much perfume. Although it might seem unimportant, an unplesant odor can make the whole journey unpleasant, too.

Small but important
• Keep handy change for fares, or for buying snacks.
• Dress comfortably. You might have your hands full with luggage and other things, so dressing simple is the answer.
• Double-check your ticket, ID card, and other important documents like passport to make sure you have everything you’re going to need.

Rules are NOT meant to be broken
Folllowing the rules is an obligation for every passanger. This way, the voyage will be more orderly and safe. There are several things to keep mind, such as not smoking in a non-smoking area, putting your seatbelt on, turning off your electronic devices when necessary, and queuing for your turn.

Mind your manners
It’s important to be polite wheter it’s to ask your seatmate to exchange seats, request a drink to the stewardess, or inquire about something to the conductor. Being nice, perhaps with a sincere smile, might help you get what you ask for.

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