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9 Steps To Overcome Shyness

9 Steps To Overcome Shyness.
Everyone feels shy sometimes. But Being too shy can influence your life. It can keep you from getting success. So, how to overcome shyness? Here are some steps for you if you often feel shy.
  1. Determine why you’re shy in the first place. Are you scared of what someone might say about your physical appearance? Are you afraid of making mistake? Remember, there’s a reason for how react in situations.
  2. Act as if you’re not shy. In private, behave as if you’re self-confidence. Hold your chin up. Stick your chest out. Walk casually. Speak firmly. It may seem ridiculous. Anyway, you will see the results when you’re out in public.
  3. Practise making eye contact. Smile in your iteractions with others. Get involved in casual conversations with strangers. What will we talk about? Weather. Current events. Anything.
  4. Look your best. Improve self-consciousness by always looking good. Stop being self-critical. Cheer yourself up. And be confident.
  5. Lower your fear of rejection. How? By imagining the worst possible outcome. If you approach someone, the may say “no” or they may just walk away. Remember, everybody has been rejected at some point. But no one is rejected all the time.
  6. Look and learn. Watch friends who aren’t shy. Or watch strangers who aren’t shy. Learn how they act and what they do. Then, try to do it as they do on your own.
  7. Feel positive about yourself. Don’t get frustrated. Have fun. Remember, the real goal is to have fun. If someone doesn’t like you, it’s okay. There are others who will like you for who you are.
  8. Stop talking to yourself. Being shy, you talk to yourself a lot in certain situations. If you do talk in your head, stop and say, “Stop talking to yourself. Focus on talking to others instead.
  9. Remember, you’re not the only one who has these feelings. Shyness is not a sin. Everyone feels shy sometimes. If other people can get past their shyness the so can we.

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