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Tips On Using Social Network To Our Advantage

Tips On Using Social Network To Our Advantage.
It’s undeniable how social networking sites are inseparable from our life. While there are still debates going on to decide wheter this is a good or bad thing, Genius Life Tips would like to present you seven tips on using social networking sites to our advantages.

Fill out your profile
A lot of people create an account on a certain social networking site and then use it but never fill out their profile. You might consider this unnecessary, but a filled up profile can create wonder. You’ll never know will end up reading your profile, it could be an employer looking for someone with the qualification you possess.

It is not always bad idea to have an account on different social networking sites. Each site is different, some are targeted for specific groups of people (e.g. teenagers, employees etc). Having account on various sites will enable you to get into different types of environment and of course, provide you with access to numerous, opportunities, including once-in-a-lifetime ones.

Join a community
On any social networking sites, you’ll find people of various backgrounds and interests. People who share the same interests usually form a community among themselves. It can be based on almost anything, from fans of a band to users of a certain mobile provider. And if you can’t find any that suits your taste, you can always form a new community.

Use “group”feature
By grouping your contact into several categories you can control with whom you are sharing information. A student, for example, may post horrible things about this school on their page and if he let his posts read by the public, then there is a possibility that the fateful post will be read by unwanted visitors, such as his teacher or even the school principal. Putting your friends, family and colleagues into different groups will certainly prevent this kind of thing to happen.

Upload your creative content
Again you’ll never know who’ll stop by your profile on social networking sites, and if you happen to be a writer or belong to a band or a photographer, just don’t hesitate to upload your works! More and move talented people are scouted this way.

Revamp your profile
Are you still having those silly names like “Anonymous Ninja” or “Super Mario”? Well, you might want to reconsider the name now, especially when you’re out there looking for a job. Yes, it may sound cool, having those names as and ID, but statistics shows that those with serious ID on social sites have a better chance to be accepted when applying for a job than those with silly names.

Publish an ad
Now this might sound a little straightforward, but yes, you can publish an ad in some social networking sites. You can publish about anything, wheter it’s about show where your band will play or even about you seeking a job. You can provide a link that will lead visitors to know more about let say, your band, or even yourself.

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