Jumat, 29 Mei 2015

Economize With Your Credit Card

1. Used it when it is really important. In other words, use your credit card when it is necessary or in an emergency.

2. Always keep your eye on your credit card limit. If your balance is above the maximum limit, you will be charged a penalty..

3. Remember your payment due dates. Pay on time or a few days before its deadline. If not, you will be penalized.

4. Try to make it a habit to pay off all your credit card bills, unless you have carefully considered the benefits of paying in monthly installments.

5. Avoid using your credit card when the previous balance has yet to be settled. If not, your credit card bill may be more difficult to pay off.

6. To avoid temptation from using too much credit, don't put your credit cards in your regular wallet. Take it out when it is absolutely necessary.

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