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Getting a Loan Capital Strategies of Banks

But of course the bank can not simply be granted the request of credit application, either individual or corporate. Then what is taken into consideration the bank? What type of business affects the valuation of the bank? According to Sari Ayu Wulandari, Business Development Group Head of Small Business division of BNI, the business types are not disputed.

"Creative industries too, such as IT development, or online marketing, also can raise capital from banks. The important thing is, make a good business plan, complete with long-term planning studies, who his target market, and so forth, "said Ayu in Entrepreneurial Success Seminar held at the Balai Kartini magazine Femina, Saturday (18 / 4).

Criteria for assessment of the bank includes five so-called 5C:

1. Character.
Concerning your commitment as a party who filed the petition, how your track record, how your management style (if one man show, family, or partnership).

2. Capital.
How much you spend personal funds, "it is impossible that all the capital came from banks, 'said Ayu. Then pemodalan structure (how the amount of initial paid-up capital and accumulated profits into capital), the composition of capital ownership (anyone capital owners, who guarantee investors, and whether investors also become members of the management), and capital assets, which consist of tangible assets (land, buildings, machinery, stock, etc..) and intangible assets (brand, goodwill, good name, etc..).

3. Capacity.
Assessed include: how the sales trends (increase, decrease, or stagnation), cost structure (fixed cost, variable cost), comparison of costs and revenue, accounts payable and receivable (larger, smaller, or the equivalent), cash flow projections (surplus or deficit), employment (permanent or contract, how the skills and experience), up to production capacity (amount of production per day, whether in accordance with the sale).

4. Condition.
Covers licensing, industry conditions similar (if risky small, medium, or high), business prospects, the competitive situation (whether a market leader, market follower, niche market, or a single fighter), and this above all: what unique selling point or (is easily imitated, or difficult to imitate, and until when progress).

5. Collateral.
Is there a warranty, either tangible (cash, stock, equipment, vehicles, and that nature does not move, such as land and buildings), intangible (personal guarantee, company guarantee, credit insurance, association or cooperative insurers, etc..).

In order for your proposal to attract business development bank, make as detailed and realistic as possible.
Prepare materials in a brief but comprehensive presentation, with bullet points such as:

1. Explanation of purpose of business development.
2. Target increase in sales and assets that are expected in detail.
3. The factors required for achieving the target.
4. Strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that will arise in the development of the business.
5. Schedule and target completion time of the work plan.
6. Explanation of the parties associated with the development of the business.
7. Plan the use of credit facilities, and repayment schedule.

Terms else you need to meet before applying for credit you can get from the bank concerned. For example, BNI provides two types of credit, namely BNI-People's Business Credit (up to USD 500 million) and BNI Entrepreneurial (a maximum of Rp 1 billion). The credit facility from BNI-KUR is given to productive enterprise in the form of working capital loans and investment loans with a maximum loan period of 5 years.

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