Jumat, 29 Mei 2015

Manager Should Never Use Worst Words

A person going to be hired in a call center should know the power of words. People who are working in call centers should never communicate with people in unsympathetic style as well as with their colleagues or juniors. A call center of a business should have a massive collision for people to whom they communicate with. Common destructive phrases can be toxic the atmosphere or even damage the market value of organization. These common damaging language patterns are used by a team manager:

1. When a team sits alongside manager, they want to hear remarkable and inspiring words on behalf of their manager. You should be careful while you brief on special task and never compare your team with some other successful people. Ask them why you can not do some accomplishments and why you find it difficult? Avoid adopting insulting attitude. Your team member can imagine that you are insulting them or try to let down them. Do not ask them for behavior changes. If you behave like this, you will execute inadequately as a team manager.
2. Always motivate your team member in positive manners. If they are doing well then appreciate theme at the spot and do not mix up disappointing words, like ‘but’, ‘may be’, ‘it is better but’ kind of words. Use of these words in appreciation means that you are not satisfied with the performance. First word means that manager has mind psychic ability and second word show its thinking toward its staff. Boss may use these words to motivate for the best performance still it is not a good way to achieve the task. For instant, manager appreciates your nice behavior with customer on phone but he does not like that you spent much time on phone. Your dealing way and way of enquiry was fine but you should brief data in more detail. Just not in call center but in every official environment “but monster” should be erased for the good and positive management.
3. If your team member is unable to understand something and asking to you once again, do not reply in insulting style “I have told you before why you don’t understand”. Infect it is assassination style of confidence. Manager’s ineffective conveying method can be cause of poor efficiency instead of overcoming deficiency of team member’s reorganization.
4. Every person has not abilities to do every kind of work. Low performance can owe to conflict with work and environment. So it is up to team member how is utilize his abilities and polish skills. If manager is creative mind and tolerate person, he can gain hundred-percent efficiency from his employee.

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