Jumat, 29 Mei 2015

Planning on House Ownership

1. Calculate the fund needed for owning a house. For the start, the house needs not be big but comfortable to live in and upgradeable.

2. Calculate your savings and assets based on real income that is received at present time.

3. Seek the chance to obtain !!kredit kepemilikan rumah (KPR)!! from a bank. How much loan can you get?

4. Considering your present income, set a time target to own your dream house. One, two, five or ten years?

5. Start allocating the needed fund based on step no. 2 and 3. You can start saving from now.

6. If you decide to take KPR, think carefully who will continue the credit payment and who will take care of the asset if something should happen in the future.

7. Joint venture with people you can trust the most (wife or parents). In case something happens to you, there will be someone who will continue the payment and maintain the asset.

8. Be very careful with legal documents. Choose a reputable notary to handle the sales agreement. Every page of the documents is signed only once. Make sure to keep a copy for each document.

9. Reconsider your house ownership plan every year, even the financial and other condition remain relatively the same.

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