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Safe Trading Tips Banking and Online Shopping

Protect Your Assets: Banking and Online Shopping

* Your bank account numbers will not ask you via email. It will never happen. If you receive an email that looks like a really sent from your bank, do not respond, do not click any links, simply open your web browser and type in your bank.com address in place and go there directly. Even so, be careful if there is a change in screen log on the bank. If you asked for things that do not normally, do not enter anything!
* Perform an online bank transactions at home. Bank online is very convenient. We all have a smart phone (smart phones) and laptops with wireless access. It does not mean that a good idea to combine the two. Although wireless networks that may be safe, you still do your financial transactions are very personal in a public place. You not only have to worry if there Hecker recording a Wi-Fi networks you use at the local coffee shop. You should worry if there is a standing right behind you who browse from over your shoulder. You think not comfortable to wait until I got home? Imagine how it would be "uncomfortable" when savings are stolen in front of your eyes!
* Do not buy from sites you've never known before. Why is the price at "CheepestPricesAnywhere.ru" much cheaper than in all other sellers? In addition they may have the most hidden secrets on the Web, it could be they are a disguise designed to get your credit card details. Before you buy, do your homework first. Find reviews about his company and ask your family friends if they ever find out the website. Do the same if there is any time someone you barely know come up to you on the road and offer a cheap clock.

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