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Tips and Tricks Post Bank Credit

1. Determine your needs first. The need for what you want to bank financed. For employees are usually more simple, buy houses, buy vehicles, and so on. As for professionals and businessmen more complex. If you need an injection for capital turnover, for example, to reduce accounts payable so that the price obtained more cheaply, or to augment the inventory / supply of goods, then posed is working capital loans, such as bank account statements, etc. Acceptance of credit. Meanwhile, when you need is financing the purchase of fixed assets like machinery, vehicles, shop buildings, warehouses, etc., ask the investment credit.

2. Estimate the ability of payment (payback ability) you. From the financial statements or salary / income you earn each month, take the safe point that the amount of the payment obligation is not greater than 30% of your net income (DBR public every bank is 30-35% of total revenues). Example: Vidi and her husband have a total income of Rp 3,000,000, then made a benchmark in later installments Vidi big if not more than Rp. 1 million per month later. For employers, calculate your level of DBR Nett Gross Profit should not (for more safe)

3. Check your eligibility administration. For employees, make sure you have working in your company over 2 years (there are also banks that apply more than that), the status of fixed income (the fixed salary component, to be counted in the calculation DBR), for income that is only the commission (not fixed ) is usually the bank will likely refuse. Similarly, for professionals and businessmen, at least permit the practice / business in over two years from the date of publication, or has carried on business for over two years.

4. Consider your data and physical security. To ensure that documents are legitimate and valid certificate. To SHGB, ensure long term validity is still no more than minimal credit period that will be filed. In order to guarantee the physical land itself: the (almost) every bank wants a marketable security (meaning if there is a problem loan and foreclosure occurs, the bank guarantee will be easy to sell it), for it guarantees must have an access road (the road), usually the second cars - about 3.5-4 meters wide, security at strategic locations (not a remote area / suburb that tends not to grow), collateral is not located on the cliff / slope / tilt regional / local burial / local houses of worship (eg, still one location with a house of worship ), guarantees the building must have a BMI, physical building must be good and solid. For any vehicle thus, easier evaluation.

New car dealer living adjusted data, used car should still excellent condition, year is still young, etc. Total bank credit to be given the maximum generally ranged between 70-80% of the estimated value of the collateral by the bank.

5. Make sure you do not have a record of banking flaw in the current year (when you apply for credit it. The bank has an online data network throughout the country, under the BI server network. There are 2 kinds of data that can be checked. First DHBI the black list which obtained a
account owner if he had given a blank check or giro exceed the BI requirements, a second data indicating Collectible owned credit data of borrowers of a bank, which already exists. For example Vidi already have credit in Bank Jabar with classification
smoothly, then Vidi can apply again in another bank loan if eligible. The first thing done by a bank officer in checking credit application is DHBI and Checks Collectible Checks. The data are seen is by name, no ID card / ID, and TIN. If you ever go in the second list they will be, but when you ask it's too rehab, was settled and smoothly, then it is possible to continue the submission.

6. Prepare a savings account or current account which reflects your income. Particularly for first impression for the bank. Currently, more banks will see your account data compared to the financial statements or salary data that generally can be made. If you as an entrepreneur say that your turnover 100 million per month, then the bank would ask out of the entry money in your account at least 80% of the total turnover of your page.

Banks will look to the number of transactions per month is NOT in balance. Usually they should have a data account for three months, then I suggest if you will file in April, make sure the data on the number of transactions on your account from January to March had reflected the turnover / revenue. Do not hesitate to better enable the mobility of transactions in your account

7. Choose a bank with total best service: interest rates are not expensive (in one period, each bank has its own interest rate), effective interest rate, loan type offered complete (there are banks that only serve the mortgage, etc.) so you can get credit
in accordance with the needs, costs expenses related to the most competitive credit (note ads from banks: eg free notary fees, lowest interest rates, etc., use this opportunity), select the bank that promises credit application process is long (a common time usually a maximum of two weekly), choose banks that get good recommendations from friends / partner or other relative, especially related to customer maintenance / relationship, choose a bank that is quite advanced technology that allows you to trade anything related to the bank (pay installments through mobile banking / auto debit facility, etc.).

8. A good idea to seek recommendations from debtors who have longer terms with the bank. Banks generally will do the trade checking, either with a company where you work (for employees), with suppliers / competitors / customers (for professionals and businessmen). Info unfavorable trade checking can directly reduce the assessment of your bank.

9. Use of credit facilities in accordance with the initial goal. Congestion often occurs due to the occurrence of error use of credit. For example, working capital loans used to build the house, as a result your working capital is not increased, while in the presence of credit means that you should increase the profit to pay the loan obligations, so that eventually you can not afford to pay the bank.

10. Apart from all that, taking into account both whether by you that with this credit will help you, rather than complicate it you in the future (see example calculation of interest). One thing that must be taken into account: the payback take your abilities to be a reference filing smallest amount of credit. One of my messages, in nearly 99.9% of credit agreement, the position of the bank is protected by relevant law. So if credit problems occur, generally in the court the bank will usually always win. Therefore, do not take a bank loan if you are unsure of
Your payback ability. Do not be tempted because the amount of money received at the beginning of a fairly large, but think about a month later you have to pay duty on the bank.

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