Jumat, 29 Mei 2015

Tips for Starting a New Fitness Routine

Remember - the 1st month is the hardest. Making exercise a priority and part of your life is a long-term commitment but if you can keep it up for a month you can do it for a lifetime.

When starting a new routine - don't skip meals and make sure you are getting plenty of water. Don't worry if you have a treat - enjoy it and don't saddle yourself with a lot of guilt.

If you can start with someone else it always helps to have a workout buddy or some kind of support system. This will definitely increase your accountability.

Expect these types of emotions when starting a new exercise routine

Week 1 - you are excited and motivated about the new exercise regime but set realistic goals - it is better to exercise consistently 3 times a week then commit to do it five a week and fall off the wagon.

Week 2 - your still doing ok, maybe a little sore but feeling good about things. You may notice that your clothes feel better.

Week 3 - you may experience a plateau. Your weight loss may have slowed now but you are definitely feeling better and probably sleeping better. When in doubt - just show up for your work out.

Week 4 - Ask yourself questions like "what can I do better? Can I work out longer and harder? Set daily goals and keep them. Invite your mind into the exercise regime.

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  1. Yes its true that first month is more important for your routine when we do it than thinks became easy for us.