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Tips for Using Credit Cards

Safety Tips for Using Credit Cards
1. At the time of filing a new application

* Try not to ever ask the manufacture of credit cards through an agent (like a lot at the mall shopping malls, restaurants and supermarkets) even though they use a certain bank facilities, still they are not bank employees but employees of a company agent who works with that particular bank.

* If you want to make a credit card labored to come directly to the Bank / Financial Institution card issuer credit card center to its division (Credit Cards) or at least to a branch bank.

* Do not just look at the free annual fee just for the first year, so the next year and looking for more lid card free annual fee again. Here are very vulnerable your data is leaking into the lain.Karena we do not know the person from an institution that mischievously.

* Credit limit is the maximum sought half of the Take Home Pay us, if too high'm down limit only, rather than hard to pay.

2. At the moment already have a Credit Card

* Always try to pay off the entire bill before the due date, so that you avoid the costs and interest rates high enough

* Rate credit card interest rate is always above other loans because credit cards are loans without collateral, usually a percentage rate is the monthly, so you must multiply by 12 to determine the rate annually.

* The calculation of credit card interest is since from our transactions or cash withdrawal has been running the flower, but if we paid in full (Full Payment) prior to maturity then we are freed interest.

* Do not ever inform the data contained in our credit card to others, including close relatives, whether the card number, validity period, the name printed on the card, and so forth. Beware of marketing via phone (Tele marketing) who said it was as though the bank issuing the card and there is good cooperation with their insurance, hotels, clubs, etc. remember that cuman their tricks, and you never know your card number to them! as well as other data, including data bank card issuer.

* Endeavored swipe card at the time credited, cashier swipe in front of us, especially in restaurants is common card to the cashier before we brought them a string of new without the presence of us, well this is as much as possible be avoided. Always rub in front of us.

* Do not ever order goods via the internet with our credit cards states. How to Avoid spending this model even more so if the transaction in the cafe and in companies that can not be trusted (not bona fide)

* Always check your credit card, if lost immediately report to the bank card issuer to avoid misuse.

* Have a credit card nowadays is not a luxury and prestige, so it would not need to have credit cards lined up, my advice is 1 of 1 more than Visa and Master Card with two different publishers, which provide the most benefit and good. For example, a percentage discount at the supermarket, a percentage discount meals, etc.

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